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About Mums and Families



Why Did Mums and Families Start?

Hall Green is an area with a wonderfully diverse community made up of many cultural, religious and racial groups. People from the different groups seem to get along well and there is little overt inter-racial or inter-religious tension. But some women who had children at schools in Hall Green began to wonder whether there may be room for improvement. It's not that there was anything wrong, but as with many other areas where there is changing demographic, it sometimes takes a little bit of effort to ensure that the understanding and links between the different groups making up the community are strong and hold together well.  So the women decided to see whether they could help, and the Mums and Families Group was born. MAF is an organisation that runs activities and events enabling residents to share their life experiences, cultures and religions.  This helps encourage us all to feel that we are part of one, 'Hall Green Community' instead of just a number of different communities living in the Hall Green area. Many of MAF’s events are based at Hall Green Friends Meeting House, and the local Infant School, with Hall Green Friends and the Infant School having been very supportive of its aims.
Using the experience we have gained in our local area we aim to bring our ideas and methods to other areas of the UK, both to communities where there are very diverse communities, but also to those that are more mono-cultural through a system of pairing them with communities that are different to theirs.

The key message of MAF is that rather than being told by the TV, or papers, or the internet what to think about people who are different from ourselves, we can make our own minds up, first hand, by "learning about each other, from each other!"

How We're Organised 
MAF is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, number 1167922
Its stated objects are: -


“To promote religious and racial harmony for the public benefit, in the Hall Green Area of Birmingham and in other such parts of the UK as the Trustees may from time to time think fit, in particular but not exclusively, to families and parents or carers with primary school aged children and those children themselves (‘the beneficiary group’) by promoting knowledge, mutual understanding and respect of the different races religious and cultures represented within the beneficiary group by facilitating informal and formal educational events and meetings.”

The Current Executive Committee Members/Trustees of MAF are as follows:

Sophie Garner (Chair)
Roxana Keyani (Treasurer)
Salwa Hanash (Secretary)
Anna Burden
Shana Saeed
Alison Sherwood 

Additionally we have a Volunteer Committee whose member all play an active role in helping run the organisation and its activities.

We always welcome new mums and carers who want to join our Volunteer Committee.  Please click here to find out more: Getting Involved.

If you're thinking of joining us, you're sure to find someone like you on our Committee, which is made up of women from many different religious and racial backgrounds.  All have children of primary school age that attend schools in the Hall Green area.  Some are full time mums, some work part time, and some full time in sectors such as teaching, law, retail and charity work.

Our policy is to take on new Volunteer Committee Members on an annual basis and we would particularly welcome the input of people who are caring for their children full time.
Why Hall Green?
Hall Green is an area with a very diverse population in terms of culture, race and religion.  Traditionally home to mainly white British families, in recent years the local demographic has changed and many families of Asian, European and African origin have chosen to settle and have their children attend schools in the local area.  The result is an amazing mix of different cultural, religious and racial groups all living alongside each other.

Call 0121 286 2088 or email us on mumsandfamilies@gmail.com for further information

'learning about each other, from each other!' © 2010 Mums and Families
Mums and Families is a Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation  1167922